If that doesn't turn you on, I'll keep talking till something does ;D

Hai :3.. erm.. I love Smosh slash? x3

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One thing; THANK YOU for writing a prison!fic, they're my guilty pleasure *blushes*
I definitely liked the plot and the emotions, and the flow in your sentences was nice and easy to read. However, I think maybe everything happened a little fast, you know, like Anthony finds Ian attractive as soon as he enters the cell, and then they go to bed and then they're suddenly getting it on and expressing love for each other. Perhaps you could have put in a bit more dialogue between them before suddenly jumping into sexy-time, if you know what I mean. Maybe you could also have jumped in time a bit, and skipped a few days to let things develop between them X) Nevertheless, you totally had me awww'ing at the end :)) I'll look forward to more from you! :D

And yeah, I'll try to work on adding more dialogue today n_n This comment made me smile :')

I just added some more to the story because I read it over and realised how right you were, hope it flows better, I think so :D

Theeere you go, girl! :D It definitely flows better now ;D
I'm glad you took the con-crit so well, and I am glad I could help make the story a little better :))just .. YAY, haha :p

This is WOW! Amazing! And I agree, it happened a little fast. But still, you have an amazing writingstyle. :-) Loved it! <3

Awweh, thank you n_n Means a lot!

*jaw drops*

OH MY GOD! There's something so deeps and saddening about this but at the same time, very beautifully happy.

O: Thank you! Bahaha, your jaw dropped x'D

Prison!fic!! Hooray! This was a relaxing read. A lot of emotion in such a short story. I enjoyed it thoroughly.

this is great! i love prison fic! also i have to say your one of the best writers iv seen on here! keep it up :)

Oh my god! You're comment has me doing backflips! Thank you so much :D

OH MY FRICK! I just have to say hothothothothothot. I love the scenario, I love how different it is and even though it was short it was gooood.

Hahaha! Thank you! And I really gotta work on my length of stories -_-"

(Deleted comment)
What I love about you: (I like making lists :P)
1. Your writing is unique and creative
2. Your very descriptive
3. No matter how outrageous the scenario is, you make it real; you make it seem possible
4. You make the love between them sweet and passionate, not just lustful
5. You're open to constructive criticism
6. If I actually listed all the reasons, my fingers would die from too much typing. <3 <3 <3
...what i dont liek..
1. ummmmmmmmmm................
2. A little too rushed maybe?
3. :I not much XD
Kepp writing, keep beng original, keep being your amazing self! :D

Aww, oh my god, I love you! You're amazing(totally smiling like an idiot) I've got to work on my rushing :L But this is so nice, just d'aww, thank you :')

No problem! I hope you believe it all :3
And I love you more!! Lol I'm a huge fan of yours. Lovezz!! <33

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