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There’s A Hell, Believe Me, I’ve Seen It, There’s A Heaven, Let’s Keep It A Secret.
(Newly revised.)

Title: There’s A Hell, Believe Me, I’ve Seen It, There’s A Heaven, Let’s Keep It A Secret.

DISCLAIMER: This never happened. The title belongs to Bring Me The Horizon.

Warning: Implied sex, unusual plot.

Anthony was never a bad person. He cleaned his room, did his homework and never talked back to anyone. In fact, he was too good. If you hold everything in, your whole life, there comes a time in your existence when you just break and everything erupts in a hot mess. You have to have someone to tell, something as an outlet. Anthony never had that, he was the silent, good little boy who always did everything right. Well, almost everything.

Which brings us to Sacramento Prison, an all male jail for not-so-good boys.

“Padilla! Your clothes. You’re moving to room forty seven. Get a move on, now!” The head guard yelled, shoving a few garments into Anthony’s arms. Anthony walked hastily, replaying the scenario in his head that had gotten him into so much trouble. He didn’t know why he punched that man in the face, he didn’t understand why he kicked those guards, the only thing he was aware of, was the fact that he was now moving into the Destructive Aggression Cell. He was shaking, completely terrified, he had heard the stories. The only other person to land themselves into the Destructive Aggression Cell was the infamous, Ian Hecox. Ian was said to be the most horrific and disturbing prisoner in all of California. No one had ever spoken to him and no one had ever shared a cell with him. Until now, of course.

When Anthony walked into the DA cell he noticed two things. One, being that the worst prisoner in the Golden State was very tidy and strangely organised, and the second thing being that Ian was undeniably attractive. Of course, Anthony was silent as he put his things under his bed and lay down. Anthony realised he must’ve noticed him trembling like crazy and was cowering in the corner because when he turned back to Ian, he was surprised to see him sitting crisscross, facing him. Slowly he looked up, blue eyes dark, with the burdens and poor choices he’d made in his life. “I’m not really all that terrible.” He said. His expression was twisted into that of a tortured soul trying desperately to make someone believe what they were saying. After those uncomfortable yet comforting words, they got ready for bed and slipped under the sheets. “I believe you.” Anthony whispered quietly.

In the morning, things went pretty normal with the occasional awkward glances and conversation shared amongst the two. Anthony found that the more they talked, the more Ian opened up to him, he tried his hardest to as well. He finally felt like he belonged somewhere and actually had a friend, even if it was in prison. They ate their meals together and even started to joke around by the afternoon.

After a few weeks of talking, joking and generally living with Ian, Anthony began to become somewhat attached. He started feeling weird around Ian, flustered and embarrassed, he even started stuttering when speaking to him. Ian started to give him weird looks and Anthony tried staying quiet and avoiding him as much as he could, saying he was tired or making up excuses not to talk to Ian. Anthony constantly caught himself watching Ian and even went as far as thinking dirty thoughts about him. Whilst sleeping, Anthony would unconsciously have dreams about kissing Ian and sometimes even more, it terrified him to think that he could lose his only friend by ruining everything.

Late one night, Anthony woke up with a start, almost forgetting he was in prison. Then, he felt the itch. He knew something was going to happen. He knew he was going to do something relatively improper. It was the same feeling he got before he had gone to prison. And as he thought about this, he involuntarily swung his legs over his bed and got out inaudibly. He finally realised he was exactly in front of a sleeping Ian when he reached out to touch the dozing form. That still didn’t stop him though; shaking like a dog, Anthony gently grazed his hands through Ian’s hair. Suddenly a strange urge rushed over Anthony. He gently lifted Ian’s head and softly placed a chaste kiss in his lips. After doing so, Anthony felt so ashamed of taking advantage of his cellmate, that he briskly walked back to his bed and threw the covers over his head as if to hide his crimson burning cheeks.

A tap on the shoulder sent him in near hysterics as he realised someone was pulling down his sheets so they could have access to his face. Anthony nearly had a heart attack as he came face to face with a very curious-looking Ian. “Can I try something?” He said in a very peculiar, unrecognizable voice. “Uh..okay.” Anthony said nervously. Ian slowly drew his face closer and lightly pressed his mouth to Anthony’s. Pulling back quickly, Ian winked at Anthony as he saw a steady blush growing on his cheeks.

Ian nipped at Anthony’s lip hungrily, “You’re so fucking hot when you blush, you know that?” He said in between kisses. Anthony was gasping for breath; he’d never been so flustered and overwhelmed. All of this was so foreign to him. He had never even had a girlfriend. “You’re inexperienced.” Ian assumed out loud. Anthony almost exploded right then and there, if there was one thing he absolutely detested, it was not knowing what to do, the feeling of being helpless. He didn’t want anyone to take care of him; on the contrary, he wanted to take care of this man in front of him. Ian was scarred, badly at that, and the last thing he needed was to take care of someone else. No, he’d bite his tongue, gather all the knowledge he knew about this and show this broken man that he was loved, and that he cared and that things would get better.

And with that, he tangled his fingers in Ian’s hair and kissed him fervently as if his life depended on it. Ian was so caught off guard, that he toppled over onto the grimy floor, Anthony falling on top of him, lips still locked. Biting down hard on Ian’s lip, Anthony’s hands started to roam all over his body inducing moans from Ian and setting Anthony even more on edge. “Not so inexperienced, then.” Ian managed to gasp out in between passionate kisses. Anthony inwardly cheered and started slowing down his kisses. Ian was going insane, the kisses getting so maddeningly slow made it all the more sensual and erotic.

Within a matter of seconds both of their clothes were off and hands were roaming freely with no restrictions. It was a total battle of dominance. One moment Anthony would be on top of Ian and then the next the other way around. Finally Anthony claimed control and looked straight into Ian’s eyes. “You sure you want to do this? We could always stop now.” He said gravely. “Of course I’m sure. Would I be under you, naked, if I wasn’t?” Ian replied with assurance. And that was all Anthony needed, he spit on his hands seeing as it was their misfortune of being in a prison cell doing this, and he slowly entered Ian gradually. Anthony could see Ian’s poker face wearing thin as he penetrated deeper into him. “I’ll take care of you.” Anthony whispered sincerely, kissing Ian all over his face. As soon as he uttered those words out of his mouth, big, hot tears rolled down Ian’s face. He’d finally cracked, Anthony finally got through to him, to somebody. Anthony started moving inside of Ian and as he did, he could feel salty tears pouring down his cheeks as well at the realisation of how Ian was opening up to him. It was overwhelming, it was pure, it was love.

As they reached their climax and collapsed into a tousled, mess, bathing in their own ecstasy, they began to grasp that everything was going to be alright. Legs intertwined into each other, tangled in the sheets, Anthony stroked Ian’s hair. “I’ve made some unfortunate mistakes in my life and have had deep regrets, but never in my life, have I ever felt that something was so right, until now.” Anthony said softly. “We’ll make this work, I know we will. Thank you, for loving me.” Ian said quietly, Anthony almost had to strain his ears, afraid that it might’ve been the wind whispering outside. Yes, he’d be alright, they’d both be, he knew it.

I Knew When I First Saw You


Title: I Knew When I First

Saw You

Disclaimer: This

never happened, I don’t own, yadda yadda, I only own Canadians.

Dark, hurt, and twisted; he was walking down the shady alley. He’d been through it all and now he was

looking for something, something to distract him from the evils of the world, someone to love him and

brighten his day. Then, he saw him. “That’s the one,” he thought.

It was a gorgeous night out when seventeen year old, Ian Hecox, was walking home from the party. He had thought that today he would really find someone that suited him. He dressed in up his best clothes and really tried his hardest but he just kept getting shot down by every girl he talked to. All Ian wanted was someone who would love him for his quirky self.

Ian was so deep in thought, pondering about his nonexistent love life, that he never heard the steady footsteps in front of him. He collided with something hard and the sheer impact had caused him to fall to the ground. “Oh gosh! I’m sorry, I should’ve been watching where I was going.” A man said, helping Ian from off the floor. Stepping into the light of the lamppost, the mysterious man held out his hand. “I’m Anthony, but you can call me Ant.” He said cheerfully. Ian was met with warm, chocolate brown eyes, straight dark hair, a dazzling smile and slightly rosy cheeks. Finally snapping out of his daze, he shook Anthony’s hand. “Uh.. I’m Ian.” He replied a little awkwardly, flushing with embarrassment. ‘What’s going on with me? I mean, this Anthony character a good looking guy, but I’m not gay. Am I? I haven’t exactly been with a man to know whether or not I was…’ Ian contemplated in his head. Anthony took a seat on the sidewalk. “Would you like to join me?” He asked, giving him a look that always captivated his prey, he knew what he was doing; no one could ever say no to him. He could manipulate people to do almost anything. “Uh sure, yeah, okay.” Ian stuttered. He sat down quickly so he wouldn’t make more of a fool of himself.

‘Now comes the crucial moment.’ Anthony thought, his sick little game would only work if this next step actually happened. He took a deep breath and then put on his cutest look. He pulled out a small silver flask from his pocket. “You want some?” He asked, looking up at Ian, silently praying he would say yes. All Ian could do was nod. Inwardly cheering and dancing, Anthony passed the flask to Ian. ‘It’s only a little liquor,’ Ian thought. He ended up downing the container in his haste and clumsy exterior. ‘Fish took the bait,’ Anthony thought gleefully as he watched Ian hastily down the bottle.

And suddenly, things started to become hazy and obscure. An almost sleepy feel consumed him. His eye sight became distorted, magenta and purple misting around the corners of his vision. His hearing became muffled and he somehow managed to let words, slurred and indistinct to his own ears, drip out of his mouth like molasses. “What was in that flask, Anthony?” Ian said slowly, taking time to pronunciate every single word. “Oh you know, a little bit of this, a little bit of that.” Anthony said, perfectly blasé. Ian sluggishly leaned into Anthony, seeing more hues of purple and navy fog clog his vision. As he leaned in he could smell the particularly strong aroma of cinnamon on Anthony’s body. He wanted to remember that smell. The last words he heard were sweet nothings of “I’ll take care of
you’s” from Anthony before everything went black.


"Do you like the rain, Ian?"

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Disclaimer: None of this is true, yet ;)

General fluffy-ness.

"Do you like the rain, Ian?"

Ian stared at the rain through the window. This rain; it wasn't the dancing type or the kissing type. This rain was wild, vicious, hiding-under-the-covers-and-never-coming-out rain. Thunder crackled and Ian flinched as he saw a streak of lightning strike a tree near his neighbor's house.

Suddenly, Ian laid his eyes the most peculiar thing. Out in this crazy, dangerous rain, was Anthony, his crazy, dangerous best friend. He had his arms spread wide and was twirling in circles. His face tilted towards the sky and his mouth was open, as if to take in as much rain as possible. Ian, thinking that maybe his friend had spilled liquid acid on himself again, ran outside to get Anthony into the house before he was struck by lightning. Before Ian could grab Anthony, he stopped abruptly, taken back by how peaceful Anthony could look in the middle of a huge storm.

Anthony turned around slowly again, finally realising Ian was there, and looked at him thoughtfully. "Do you like the rain, Ian?" Anthony asked softly, somehow able to be completely composed. "Uh...yeah. I guess, but this isn't the kind of rain you should be out in, Ant." Ian replied worriedly over all the din of the downpour. "Oh really, now." Anthony mused, and with a mischievous glint in his eyes, he ran away from Ian. "I guess you're going to have to catch me, then!" Anthony yelled, dancing away from Ian whenever he got too close.

After twenty minutes of adorable, playful banter and failure after failure, not catching Anthony, Ian finally pinned him down. Having sneakily tripping Anthony, he ended up falling onto the soft, wet grass. Ian, not wanting Anthony to slip away again, straddled his waist and began torturing Anthony by tickling him mercilessly. "Okay! Okay! Please! I surrender!" Anthony squealed in between gasps and giggles. Ian, giving in to Anthony's begging never expected Anthony to roll over so that he was being straddled. "Ha! I got you!" Anthony murmured, leaning closer to Ian. "Uh...Ant, what's wrong?" Ian asked, nervously. "You've got leaves in your hair." Anthony said softly with a little chuckle. Still on top of Ian, he combed through his hair with gentle finger. "You've got a leaf in your hair too," Ian whispered, reaching for the back of Anthony's head. Pulling him down gently, Ian and Anthony's lips crashed together to the beat of the storm. Suddenly thunder rumbled in the sky, making Ian aware that they were still outside, in the middle of a storm, on the grass, kissing.

And in that moment, Ian decided that crazy, wild, hiding-under-the-blankets rain could also be dancing around, chasing, kissing rain too.


Surprise, Ian.

 Disclaimer: This never happened, and I hope to God it never will.

Surprise, Ian.

“Ian, do you love me?” Anthony asked, wide eyes filled with worry. “Of course I do! I would do anything for you; you are my life, forever.” Ian answered, staring straight into Anthony’s eyes. Anthony flashed the most beautiful smile at Ian, grabbing his hand and leading him to their couch to cuddle.


Ian was so excited. He had just finished buying everything so he could make today perfect. Candles, chocolates, the new Sleeping With Sirens CD Anthony wanted so much, and a few other things. Humming quietly, he stepped out of his car. After greeting wheelchair and cursing barbershop pole, he finally sauntered into the house, calling out Anthony’s name. “Ant! Where are you, dude!” Ian yelled checking all the rooms downstairs. “I’m up here.” A muffled voice called out from Anthony’s room. Excited to see Anthony, Ian bounced up the stairs and into his room. Steely, blue eyes watched the scene that unfolded in front of them. Anthony was standing in the middle of his room, pictures, fan letters, everything that was of any significance to him were strewn all across the floor around him. In his hands, a gun held right at his head. Ian didn’t know if this was just a bad dream or if this was actually happening.

“Anthony! What are you doing!?” Ian shouted. His breathing grew heavier; his body was shaking with fear. “I can’t do this anymore, Ian. I can’t confine myself here in this messed up, twisted world anymore. It will all be over soon, I’ll be free.” Anthony whispered, his gaze growing distant, as if he were in a faraway place. “Ant, Anthony, you can’t do this to me. What about us? I thought you said you loved me!” Ian screamed, cracked, broken sobs racking through his body. “I do, Ian, I do. That’s why you’re coming with me.” Anthony said softly, stroking Ian’s hair gently. Shaking violently, Ian looked up at his boyfriend, still sobbing, in complete and utter fear. “W-what?” He said, still praying this was all just a nightmare and that he would wake up soon. “Didn’t you say you loved me too? Didn’t you say you would be with me forever? I know your scared baby but we can make it through this. We can truthfully always be together forever.” Anthony cooed into Ian’s ear.

“Okay, Ant..” Ian finally said. Ian walked into the middle of the room with Anthony and took a deep breath. Anthony lowered the gun to the side of Ian’s head with steady hands, “I love you, Ian.” He murmured, kissing Ian for the last time. “I love you too, Ant.” Ian whispered just as Anthony pulled the trigger. Ian fell in a beautiful, crumpled heap. “Don’t worry, Ian, right behind you. We’ll be together soon.” Anthony whispered placing the gun in his mouth and releasing the trigger for the last time.

Ice Cream Forgotten.

Disclaimer: I don't own them, this never happened -_-"

Ice Cream Forgotten.

Ian glared at Anthony with full hatred. “How dare he.” Ian thought, still looking fiercely at Anthony. The other man sat on the couch, completely involved with a movie Ian couldn’t even remember the name of. “Oh my god, he’s so frigging doing this on purpose.” Ian whined in his head. ‘You’re just mad that that isn’t you,’ his conscience annoyingly nagged. Anthony made a huge slurp, licking at his vanilla ice cream with such vigor Ian had to cross his legs and tear his eyes away before his “little problem” got worse. “Damn him,” he muttered under his breath.

The thing was Anthony couldn’t have known what he was doing to Ian, especially since Ian wasn’t planning to tell his best friend he was in love with him. Ian would never jeopardize their friendship with his silly crushes. But Anthony just looked so good right now. His hair was longer than usual, straight as needles and spiked towards the ends. His huge, chocolate brown eyes looked so innocent and almost puppy-like as they watched the television screen completely engrossed in what was playing. A pink tongue darted out passed his lips, giving his vanilla ice cream a long lick. Ian knew that if he watched him lick that ice cream any longer he was going to have to go to the bathroom and deal with his now even bigger problem in his jeans.

Icy blue eyes stared in envy of the ice cream, when suddenly Ian had an idea. This was the most daring, terrifying thing he had ever thought of, but even so an evil little smirk played up on his lips and his eyes shone with mischief. He was putting a lot on the line by trying this but he couldn’t help himself, Anthony had pushed him to the edge and he just couldn’t take it anymore. So with no warning whatsoever, he clicked the off button on the remote and braced himself for the explosion. “Dude! What the hell, man!? I was watching that!” Anthony yells with a distressed look in his features that clearly said: Am I ever going to finish watching the last Lord Of The Rings?! He turned to Ian and didn’t even get to say another word before he felt a hard, heavy body pressed against his, knocking the breath out of him and sending him straight onto the floor. “Ian, what are you doing?” Anthony screeched, his voice filled with uncertainty. “Shut up.” Ian ordered, taking Anthony completely by surprise. He had never seen Ian act this way, he decided it was kind of hot. Wait what?! “This is Ian we are talking about. My best friend,” Anthony thought.

Anthony looked up at Ian with a look of utter confusion that was so undeniably cute. Ian slowly leaned down, he didn’t exactly know what he was doing but he knew that it was now or never. Anthony’s heart started beating as fast as wild horses could run as Ian leaned in. “Why the hell do I have butterflies right now?” Anthony screamed in his head. This was wrong. Whatever this is, it was wrong. But as Ian drew closer and closer and Anthony started to smell his musky, peppermint scent and notice the little flecks of green in his icy blue eyes, his brain clicked off. As the tip of Ian’s nose was touched Anthony’s, Ian was breathless.

He was panting from just being this close to Anthony. Well… he’s not running, is he? His conscience said, always obnoxious. Just then Ian’s “little problem” became apparent to Anthony. Just thinking about how he did that to Ian left Anthony blushing a delicious shade of red. When the red color had stained his cheeks Ian decided he had never seen a more beautiful sight. “Ian…,” Anthony whispered quietly. “What is it Anthony?” Ian replied to him with genuine curiosity flickering through his face. “Can you just kiss me already?” Anthony asked quietly, blushing even more than before. A little smile worked its way onto Ian’s lips. “Ant…,” He murmured. Stroking his cheek, Ian closed the gap between their lips.

Somewhere in the house lay a vanilla ice cream cone, melting on the floor, forgotten.

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